Empower your organization with WAL SYS: Streamlining finance through usage-based billing, seamless payment processing, and custom automations, ensuring a better customer experience with reduced manual efforts.

Charge for what your customers use.

Usage Based Billing

Charge your users fairly and accurately for the services they consume. Our usage-based billing (UBB) solution is designed to help you bill your customers based on their actual usage.

Existing Meter Integration
Read existing data sources for consumption based billing.
Frequent Polling and Data Collection
Collect fine grain data to improve your operational insights.
Seamless Billing
Automated billing based on usage against your rate decks including support for sliding rates.
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Collect payments help with ease.

Payment Collection Solutions

Collect payments the way your customers want to pay.

Multiple Payment Methods
Support for credit cards, PAD, and automated Interac E-Transfer payment application.
Recurring Payments
Automated recurring payments and subscription billing.
Integrated Card Present Transactions
Custom integrations for card present transactions with Stripe Terminals.
Custom Payment Portals
Collect payments against your own branded payment portal for fundraising or other purposes.
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Telephoney and Communication Solutions

Connect with your customers through the channels they already use with modern features and integrations.


Create a voice channel for your organization without the need for traditional phone lines. Augment this channel with call transcription, call recording, and call analytics an AI powered call logging.


Support conversational SMS and MMS messaging with your customers. Create automated responses and notifications to keep your customers informed and engaged.


Integrate your voice and messaging channels with your existing systems and applications. Create IVRs and ChatBots to give access to automate account actions through legacy channels.

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